Tread Creative Advertising + Graphic Design Services: Clients

Who we work with

We work with businesses in all industries, of all sizes. High-tech to low-tech, large business to small business. We don’t specialize in any singular sector, cause that would get a little boring.


We’ve done semiconductors and we’ve done motorcycles. It doesn’t really matter who you are, just bring us your project and we’ll take care of it with a simple guideline:


Learn who the target is; Learn where they frequent (on-line and in the “real” world); Learn what they react to; and develop a clear and consistent message.


Selected client experience

  • 1st ACT Silicon Valley
  • Acer
  • Applied Materials
  • Bay Area Custom Homes
  • Black Cat Boutique
  • Bower Real Estate
  • Echelon
  • Epion
  • EZ Runner
  • Krause & Taylor Associates
  • Lam Research
  • Liccardo Travel
  • Los Gatos Plein Air
  • Magma DA
  • Matsana
  • Mobi Analytics
  • Naturopathic Family Health
  • Novell
  • Paisley’s Salon
  • Pickering Laboratories
  • Positio PR
  • PowerCloud Systems
  • Rambus
  • Samsung
  • Santa Clara Valley Water District
  • Silicon Valley Mortgage
  • Solar Universe
  • Stowers Assoc. Architects
  • TSMC
  • Unity Care Group
  • Wedlock Windows
  • Zero Electric Motorcycles
  • Zilog
Owner of Tread Creative Accepts Position at CatapultWorks

Tread Creative is currently working with existing clients part-time and is only considering new projects on a limited basis. We will look at all potential projects, however our main interest is in non-profits, humanitarian, eco-conscious, and general do-gooder based organizations.

5 Logo Re-designs by Tread Creative Published in Logo 2.0 eBook

Logo 2.0, published by David Carter, Bight Books is featuring logo re-designs by Tread Creative for Zero Motorcycles, Silicon Valley Mortgage, Zilog Microcontrollers, Matsana, and Promoto Marketing. The features provide before and after images, as well as project details.

Tread Creative is Published in Another Book by Crescent Hill Books – The Big Book of Green Design

Zero Electric Motorcycles’ logo, designed by Tread Creative, now graces the stunning pages of The Big Book of Green Design. (Thank you to Zero for giving us the opportunity to provide you with top-quality designs.)

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